English pubquiz

Just like our normal Dutch pubquiz, this one is also home made, funny and surprising. Especially for our English speaking guests, we make the quiz for an international audience, So we won’t ask when “De slag bij Nieuwpoort”” was, but look it up anyway, just to be sure.
Please let us know with how many people you come and what your team’s name is. A team has a maximum of 5 members, The fee is 10,- per team and will be fully spent on bonusprices to be won by everyone and a first prize for the winning team, so the more teams, the bigger the prizes!!!
We have space for about 11 teams.

The next Frieda Pubquiz in English wil be Thursday july 20th at 20.00h


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Café Frieda

JP Heijestraat 119-D

1054TL amsterdam

020- 758 3313

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